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Used Transmissions

Are you looking for an affordable and high-quality car transmission? If yes, then you are on the right side of the internet. Transmission is the second most important part of your vehicle after the engine – and it can be a real struggle when it stops working properly or doesn’t work at all. Buying a new one can cost you a lot of money but fortunately, we got the perfect alternative – used transmissions from the most trusted dealers in the country.

At All Auto Part Store, we offer you a custom-designed used auto part locator that finds the best options for you from thousands of junkyards. Here, we guarantee our customers that they will get only high-performance transmissions at most competitive prices.

All Auto Part Store is one of the leading online used auto parts locator offering bespoke products with the most affordable prices in the industry.

used transmissions

Our search tool browses through all the best junkyard and salvage yards in the country. After, it picks out the best options for you according to the information you have provided. After that, you can choose the options that suit your needs and your pocket best.

Here, at All Auto Parts, we have designed the simplest yet effective used auto part locator to simplify the lives of our customers. All you have to do is fill in the required fields – mention the brand, model, year and all other information about your car and press the search bottom. You will get hundreds of the best options from trusted junkyards and salvage yards across the country.

Besides, you can choose to search junkyards only near your desired location. That’s it, just order the part, provide contact details and the dealers will get in touch with you within the next 24 hours.

At All Auto Part Store, you can find A-grade transmissions for all types of vehicles, such as BMW, Honda, Chevy and more. Whether you need a standard or automatic transmission you can find the best deals here. With our simple-to-use search tool, it will take a few minutes to find the most affordable and cutting-edge used transmission.

Free shipping

All Auto Part Store offers free shipping all across the USA. So, there is no extra charge, you pay only for the engine. Order your desired used low mileage engines and get them shipped to your house completely free. So, not only you don’t have to go and get the parts yourself, but you can get them shipped to your desired location… and without paying any penny for that.

Warranty from the dealers

After purchasing a used engine, you will get a 30-180 days’ warranty directly from the junkyard and salvage yard dealers. Here you can get only high-quality engines, that are guaranteed to work without any issues for a long period. But in case of any maintenance problems, you get a warranty and until it’s valid, you can contact the suppliers anytime you feel the need.

What engines can you get?

At All Auto Part Store, you can find high performance engines for all types of vehicles – a van, sedan, jeep or else. Here you can get gasoline, diesel and hybrid engines with low mileage –that are ready to serve you for years. So, these are worth all the penny you pay for them. In exchange you get the best possible deal in the country – top-quality used OEM engines, at affordable prices and with a direct warranty from the supplier.

Return available

In case if you are not satisfied with the used auto part you can easily return it. It’s very simple, if you do not like what you ordered, or maybe it is not the part that you needed you can easily send it back. If you have any questions just get in touch with us through our toll-free number 1-800-363-0786

10 Things to Watch for When Buying a Used Transmission

When your car needs a replacement of transmission, the first thing that comes to the mind is unexpected expenses that hurt your wallet. But, if you can find quality used transmissions, you will be able save the money and make a profit on your purchase.

Finding used transmissions is easy, but locating a quality part needs a little research. Here we provide the most important aspects that give the best chance of locating good quality the used transmissions needed for your vehicle.

1. What condition the used transmission is in?

The foremost step in finding a good used transmission is knowing about its existing condition. If you do not know much about used auto parts or car transmissions, it is better to bring a mechanic along with you while purchasing. He will look for the aspects needed for a transmission to be in great shape.

2. Quality of transmission fluid

Before deciding to buy the transmission, check for the quality of transmission fluid. Locate the dipstick for the transmission fluid. Usually, the transmission fluid is red in color, if it has changed to brown, it has to be replaced. But in case, if it is blackish, stay away from buying that transmission. The color is due to the overheating of transmission.

3. Check for fluid leakage

As used transmissions can’t expect to be in perfect condition, you have to check for leaks. It doesn’t seem to be a difficult process. You can find out the leaks by pouring some transmission fluid inside.

Now, observe the body of the transmission. Check whether there are any signs of liquid coming out. If you could see any leakage, better go with a different used transmission.

4. Hear for any unusual noise

If the transmission makes grinding, popping or squealing noises when you row through the gears, think about switching over to another used transmission out before disaster strikes. After all, you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of your driving when a piece of the transmission breaks loose and busts out the side of the case.

5. Is there any warranty?

Reputable and leading shops offer a warranty along with used transmissions. If your purchase doesn’t have a warranty attached, then it is worth looking elsewhere. Typically most dealers offer a 12 month or 12000 mile warranty based on the condition of the used transmission.

If you buy used transmissions that come with a warrant, you will have some protection as a buyer. Try to get a warranty that covers both parts and labor. Just ensure how long the warranty lasts, so that you can be prepared financially for future problems.

6. Check the transmission engagement

Start the transmission in “Park” mode. It has to start and idle without any unnecessary transmission noise. Then shift the transmission to “D” drive mode. The lever has to shift smoothly.

7. Have the transmission tested

Technologies have made it possible for the sellers to conduct a variety of tests on used auto parts even before they are installed in a vehicle. To ensure you buy a quality transmission, make sure the specific part is tested for quality before completing the transaction.

8. Get the maintenance records

Regular maintenance is very essential for a quality transmission. Before you buy a used transmission, get the maintenance records for the part.

Ensure whether the transmission was serviced for every 20,000 to 50,000 miles as per the owner's manual for manufacturer recommendations. Moreover, make sure there are any repairs in the past and if any, it was performed by certified mechanics.

9. Check the fluid level

Ensure whether the transmission fluid is filled with manufacturer approved level and quality oil to keep the internal parts freely moving as the car drive down the road. Changing out the fluid often keeps the transmission in perfect shape. This will avoid repeated transmission repairs in the near future.

10. List of Relevant References

Finally, you shouldn’t end up in buying from a shop that's not reputable. Any reputed and reliable seller could be able to provide you with a list of references of customers for whom they have sold the parts to in the past. If possible check with those references and ask them about their buying experiences. Specifically, ask for the customers' references who have bought a similar model of used transmissions in the past.

Buying used car transmissions may look stressful, but if you invest sufficient time in finding the part for you through getting a warranty, with a personal mechanic’s inspection of the transmission, and asking for prior maintenance records reduces the likelihood of problems.